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pfSense® software trainings -
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Content of training : 

OSNet organises training sessions on a regular basis. We cover the following subjects : 

  • Introduction to pfSense® software IOS and the various menus
  • Install and tunning of pfSense® hardware
  • Firewalling with pfSense
  • NAT 
  • VLANs 
  • VPNs with pfSense® software : OpenVPN, IPSec
  • DHCP & DNS 
  • Management of users and certificates 
  • Introduction on QoS and Traffic Shapping 
  • Interfaces management with pfSense : WLAN 802.11, Bridges, LoadBalancing, alias et virtual IP)
  • High availability with CARP & pfSync
  • Deploying a captive portal with pfSense


In order to follow the training, participants must have a basic knowledge of network and security. 


Training sessions :

Training sessions take place in Paris in the 2nd borough. We provide detailed configurations for each case we cover. 

Training sessions are provided by Grégory Bernard : graduated from "Master in Network Information System" from Télécom ParisTech and ESSEC,  

Training sessions typically last one day :

  • Morning : from 9.30am to 1.00pm with a break. 
  • Afternoon : from 2.30pm until 6.00pm with a break.
  • Maximum number of attendants : 12 persons.  


A leaflet is provided at the end of each training session. 


Price of a training session is 800 € HT per person billed before the training.  


Group training sessions (starting with three persons) can also be organised. 

Thanks for contacting us for further details.