Service description

Besides reselling hardware, our company offers an extended support on the pfSense® software. Whatever the size of your project, we will be glad to participate. 

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pfSense® will probably be a core component of your network, as such any failure can be dramatic and have important consequences for your company. 

This is the reason why team offers global support contracts for it's clients. 


Our goal is to offer an extended support which will cover most of the stages of your pfSense project, including : 

  1. network architecture design
  2. hardware selection
  3. implementation and deployment
  4. active monitoring
  5. evolution and security upgrades 
  6. support for network professionals


1. Network architecture design

The first step in a network project is to design the network. During this stage, we will take into account these various steps : 

  • state of existing network : data collection, audit
  • target network : functional & operational definition of the future network
  • target performances : throughput, access time, GTR
  • constraints : delay, budget, technology
  • service to be deployed : firewall, routing, NAT, proxies, QoS, VPN, VoIP, load balancing, …
  • resources : human and financial resources available for the project


Depending on the size of the project, we will :

  • make an initial audit of existing systems
  • build a demo network based on initial requests
  • approve key points for the deployment of your network architecture


At the end of this stage we will provide you with a technical specification and a detailed quotation for your project. 


2. Hardware selection

The OpenSource pfSense® software can be deployed on many different network appliances such as : 

  • micro-appliances (Alix boxes)
  • 1U rackable appliances (such as FWA-3035
  • 1U to 3U rackmount network servers 
  • deployment on virtual servers such as VMWare 


Each type of solution corresponds to specific projects, with precise targets in terms of performances, scalability, resilience.

For each deployed hardware, we have precise benchmarks which will allow us to build your network on real figures and not assumptions.   


3. Implementation and deployment 

Depending on the location of the project, our company will be able to do the physical deployment of hardware or delegate this task to one of our partners. 

In all cases, we will do the pre-configuration of all hardware and eventually remotely control the deployment of the hardware, following the technical specification initially defined. 


4. Active monitoring

pfSense® software includes the Zabbix client package which has been designed to monitor any aspect of your pfSense appliances.

Our clients can be monitored and alerted by our existing zabbix server which will offer a live view of your existing pfSense architecture and warn you if any key indicator reaches critical level.  

The zabbix monitoring plat-form will be used as a central communication point between our companies. 

For more information on the zabbix® monitoring solution, please read this article.


5. Evolution and security upgrades 

Firewalls are live Operating Systems. They need to be monitored regularly in order to offer the best possible performances and security.

This is the reason why we offer :  

  • an automated backup of your configuration files
  • the possibility to patch or upgrade any existing or deployed pfSense solution which is not up to date.
  • Compact Flash upgrades where we will send you an updated and tested version of pfSense on a brand new CF ready to be deployed 


Our maintenance contract also includes : 

  • live monitoring of any deployed solution
  • live e-mail support 
  • problem solving 
  • escalation of any blocking problem up to the core developer team


6. Support for professional networks

Companies working in the system and network field are sometimes offering pfSense® software as a solution for their clients.  

Not only can we provide you with a high level support for your products, we can also offer you a level 3 support in order to guarantee your customers that any problem they will face on pfSense® software will be solved by our engineers team.


Please do not hesitate to contact us in order to inquire about our service offer.