OSNet.eu website was created by Todoo in august 2009 to address the needs of the emerging market of OpenSource Firewall.

We have made a special effort in order to translate as many documents as possible in French in order to ease the use of pfSense® firewall devices. 

DynFi is a private owned company created in 2001, based in Paris - France.

Directed by Gregory Bernard, graduated from Telecom Paristech, a leading French Engineering school, and ESSEC business school, with a Master degree in computer science.

DynFi is the main company developping the DynFi Manager solution.

DynFi is specialized in System and Network projects, Virtualization, and cutting edge DNS services (DNSsec, IDN), we also provide hosting services. Innovation partners and value creators, we combine business & domains skills, new technologies mastery and commitment on results in order to serve our clients with excellence. 

More info in english available here