Firewall FWA-3040

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FWA-3040 front
FWA-3040 side
FWA-3040 back
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Formation pfSense

Firewall FWA-3040 is delivered with :

  • One firewall FWA-3040 based on Intel® chipset
  • Embedded in the appliance an Intel Atom processeur C3338  1.5GHz - boost  2.2GHz - Dual Core
  • 4x interfaces GbE Intel® 
  • 2x ports USB 2.0 
  • 1x 4GB DDR4 Innodisk 2400 MHz
  • 1x NVMe 128GB based on Phison controler


Within the box :

  • 1x firewall FWA-3040
  • 1x power European Power Supply Unit
  • 1x electric cable for European Power Plug
  • 1x cable DB9 Null Modem / RJ45
FWA-3040 front
FWA-3040 side
FWA-3040 back


The FWA-3040, is a desktop network appliance powered by Intel® Atom® C3338 (codenamed Denverton) CPU, features robust performance, offering cryptographic acceleration and commercial-grade LAN functions in a compact form factor.
This powerful appliance can support up to 16GB of DDR4 RAM 2133/1866 MHz.
The appliance is compatible with the pfSense® 2.X. or OPNSense® softwares.

Detailed features

Max Throughput900 Mb/s
Max Throughput (with FW)720 Mb/s
Max VPN throughput - OpenVPN 256 AES170 Mb/s
Max VPN throughput - IPSec 256150 Mb/s
Target usageSmall company
Max # of Eth. Ports4 port(s)
Compatible 10GNo
# of PCIe Ports3 port(s)
# USB ports2 port(s)
OS and Certifications
Operating SystemLinux, FreeBSD, OPNsense®, pfSense®,
CertificationsCE, RoHS, FCC Class B, UL
Physical and Environmental
Chassis form factordesktop
Rack MountOptional
Dimensions231 × 200 × 44 mm
Weight2.75 kg
Processor frequency2.20 GHz
# of Cores2 core(s)
ChipsetSoC based on Intel Atom C3000
Memory TypeDDR4
Max Memory Size16.00 GB
Power and Mechanical
Power input40W
Redundant PSUNo
System coolingSmart Fan
Max # of Disk(s)1 disk(s)
ZFS supportYes

NVMe Storage has selected an NVMe storage with a Phison controler :

  • Sequential read: 500 MB/s
  • Sequential write: 500 MB/s
  • 4K random read: 82K IOPS
  • 4K random write: 86K IOPS
  • Data transfer: 6 Gbit/s
  • Operating temperature -40 à 85°C
  • NVMe interface type 2242 on SATA BUS


Optional log retention:

  • Log server setup within our hosting facility
  • Log retention during one year. 
  • Automated log backup. 
  • Upon request log delivery. 


This appliance has been validated by our engineering team. 
Upon request, we can install the pfSense® or OPNsense® system on this device.  
Appliance is  also known to work with many other OSes such as FreeBSD, Linux, Windows, OpenBSD, ….