An overview of our firewalls and NAS

  • Firewall open source Alix 2D2 -

    Alix 2D2 is a two port appliance which could support up to two MiniPCI cards. It could be the best choice for your remote VPN network. Based on the 500 MHz AMD Geode LX800. It is one of the best appliance in it's range. 

  • Firewall Alix 2D13 -

    Alix 2D13 is our best seller Alix appliances. With it's throughput of 80Mbp/s in filtering mode It is a killer box !  

  • Access Point Alix 3D2 -

    New offer of high performance industrial AP's based on Alix 3D2 and Atheros DCMA-82. Sealed and waterproof enclosure. Sold with an outdoor mounting kit. Top quality for your outdoor industrial installations.  

  • FWA-3030 : 6xGb Intel -

    The new FWA-3030 comes equiped with 6 Gig/Eth ports and is ideal for filtering in a Small to Medium size business. This appliance is based on an Intel architecture. It works with an industrial SATA disk or a CF card. 

  • Alix 3D3 Multimedia -

    The Alix 3D3 is designed to be an embedded system used to display info on screens or to broadcast audio thanks to It's embedded interfaces (VGA & Audio). 

    ALIX.3D3: 1 LAN, 2 miniPCI, 256MB RAM, USB, VGA, Audio


  • Appliance Intel Serveur SR1695GPRX2AC -

    Intel® 1U Server Appliance SR1695GPRX2AC based on Xeon or Core i3 processor - redundant power supply - 5 GB Ethernet interfaces and 1  PCI-E extension slot available for 4 ports Gb or FC. Supports up to 32GO of RAM 1333MHz. Compatible with FreeBSD / ZFS.

  • FWA-3020 -

    New 4 ports Intel Gigabit Appliance : high throughput and reliability. Based on Intel ICH8M Chipset,  800 MHz DDR3 memory, 1.8GHz Atom dual core processor. HDD or CF card. Appliance suited for medium size network or IPBX.  

  • OSNet NAS Mini -


    OSNet  Mini NAS  is a new storage device based on the famous FreeNAS® system. You can store up to 12To of data on top quality hardware and share them on all your systems (Windows, Mac, Unix, iSCSI, …). 

  • FWA-7010 - Firewall modulaire - 20 ports GbE

    Check out our new top of the line appliance !

    4 ports GbE + 2 optional modules (4 x GbE or 8 x GbE or 2 x 10GbE). redundant power supply. ECC memory up ot 16Go. C206 Intel Chipset. Processeur Intel Xeon "Sandy Bridge" 22nm. 

    Up to GbE ports ! 

  • NAS Maxi FreeNAS alim redondante Intel Xeon NAS 48To

    NAS Maxi server : 2U - up to 48To of storage - support and optimisation of ZFS- Intel Xéon at 2.4GHz - up to 768Go RAM DDR3 ECC - optimized for FreeNAS. Optimum performance on a stable and robust hardware. Ideal for your company storage.

  • NAS Micro NetFlow
  • APU1C from firewall and appliance

    Discover the new APU1C based on AMD G series CPU  1GHz with 64 bit support and 512Mo L2 cache - 2Go of DDR3 RAM - 3 Realtek GbE interfaces. Compatible with pfSense® software v.2.1

    Small… but powerfull !!

  • Very nice architecture for this new 1U appliance: Intel Atom D525 1.8GHz processor - 8x Intel Gigabit Eth - Up to 4GB of RAM - Up to 2x 2"5 SATA disks. A well balanced 8 ports firewall at reasonable prices !    


OSNet your provider of OpenSource Appliances website gives you the opportunity to purchase online your Security Appliances directly integrated with the latest OpenSource softwares.

We are also listed as an official reseller of Alix boards. All firewalls that we sell are built with genuine tested hardware.

Check out our latest offer based on an Alix boards built with an integrated Samsung IDE Hard Drive and pfSense® software. This is a killer box for doing firewalling and content filtering with SquidGuard or DansGuardian at the same time! An ideal solution for small size offices which want to do content filtering at a very low price. provides online tutorials which will help you configure your appliances and setup your network rapidly. 

The PFSense® software is a top quality OpenSource Firewall system based on the FreeBSD operating system. Thanks to our devices and ready to use policy, you will have an easy access to a web based GUI.

In no time you will be able to configure advanced features such as:

  • Statefull Firewall
  • Network Address Translation
  • Load Balancing
  • Virtual Private Network
  • PPTP Server 
  • PPPoE Server
  • Integrated Monitoring and Reporting system
  • Dynamic DNS  
  • Web Portal
  • DHCP Server
  • Layer 7 filtering which will allow you to filter any existing protocol including  peer-to-peer, streaming, or any other existing protocol 
  • Integration of third party extensions such as Squid and SquidGuard


Every software that is integrated in our Appliance has been tested and carefully reviewed. We guarantee the high quality standard of our integration.